Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a spring - don't ride this weekend!

Here's the email from the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance. Just as background for those who aren't from Boulder, this is *high desert* and we usually are riding up at 9000 feet by this time of year. Not this year. Even the trails in town are mud...I'll let the BMA say the rest:

Front Country Trails Are Extremely Vulnerable
Please don't ride today
Springbrook Loop Closed to all use
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First and foremost, THANK YOU for demonstrating restraint this winter. The trails are in better shape at the end of this winter than what we've seen in much drier years.

But we could undo all that this weekend. We are soaked, and even though the farmers love it, the trails are set up for a perfect storm of mud, bikes, and enthusiastic riders.

Here's how bad it is: Today OSMP is taking the unprecedented action of closing the Springbrook Loop to all use. It's a real mess up there, and braiding of the trail is already occurring. This is the first time in memory that OSMP has taken this action.

We applaud OSMP for taking this action. Sometimes you have to take this step to protect these precious assets.

Who knows how soon we will dry out? We strongly encourage everyone to make use of the sites below to determine if the trail is ridable. And don't forget to contribute to them if you have information others can benefit from.

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