Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photos: Steve's Crit Machine

A rare (for me) road frame. Enjoy, Steve!


Nowork said...

If it rides anywhere near as nice as my WW team road bike, this guy is going to be one happy chap!

steve-o said...

PUMPED! Death to false metal!

Feldy said...

I don't understand. What's with this so-called "crit." Is this for that race they used to do at the Cactus Cup?

Nowork, how many Walt Workseses are you up to? Last I saw, you still had a Colnago or some such nonsense. Guess I'm outta the loop.

Nowork said...

Feldy, think the current count is 2 cross, 1 road, 1 Actiontec 29er HT, 1 Superlight Ventana rear Dually 29er, 1 S&S 29er Singlespeed, 1 Freeride/DH 29er and a track bike still under construction. So...7 and 1 to come.

Wish I hadn't sold my original WW29er.

The Colnago went because the WW has the same geometry slightly tweaked, rides somuch better it's not funny and is almost a pound lighter. 16.2lbs for 54cm size WW Road bike. Pretty sure this will be the last road bike I will ever need.

steve-o said...

nowork, what's on that 16.2lb build? I'm pretty sure this one is gonna be light. I convinced myself i would be happy with sub 19, but 16 or even 17 and change would be intense.

Nowork said...

Full 7800 Dura Ace, Easton EC90 bars and seatpost, EC90SL fork, Fizik Arione saddle, Syntace F99 stem, King HS, King Ti cages, And a handful of ti and alloy bolts tuning things up. Wheels, depends on the day, AC 420's, or AC420's with powertap, or AC C58's or AC C38's. Sram Red cassette.

I have raced road for about 13 years and race Pro12. This is by far the best road bike I have ridden. Sure I could get a carbon frame about 6-700 grams lighter, but it also costs twice the price, and fit along with handling is way more important than just the weight of it.

If you race crits, you will at some point hit the deck. With steel, the chances are you will be able to get back on the bike without a problem, carbon however, not so good. Even expensive Alloys like scandium can fail badly after crashes, plus they go wobbly after a couple of seasons.
Worst scenario, you can weld a new tube in place of a dented/cracked tube in steel. Frame saved! good for the wallet and environment.

Feldy, yes, the crit is just like the cactus cup. I raced that in 2008 when they tried to revive it in Vegas at Interbike. It was just a road out and back crit on Mtb's.
Pro mtb cactus cup was like a cat 5 local crit. Scary!!!!!

Walt said...

I think we're going to have some of the team guys post their builds - and explain why they run what they run. Should be good - we're all "privateers" to one extent or another, so there's not a lot of expensive fluff on anyone's bike.