Monday, April 05, 2010

A good weekend, also some sad news.

For those of you waiting with bated breath for my race report, I don't have one.

That's right, I wussed out when I looked out the window and saw trees bending over sideways in the wind (ok, exaggeration, but we did have some 50mph gusts) and elected to go for a run and lift some weights at the rec center with Sarah. I'm willing to suffer at the back of a bike race; it's happened many times, but if it's really miserable weather and I have to spend twice as much time driving as racing? No thanks.

Fuentes, Nick, and Eszter raced, though. Ezter and Fuentes both were 4th, Nick was 9th. There were 60 freaking racers in the Men's race! Wow! Nick then raced the SS race and got second (what a stud!)

If someone writes a race report, I'll post it up.

We also had to make a hard decision and give up our old yellow lab Snickers to the humane society - where he will hopefully find a home with no stairs and a sunny spot to sleep in. We're very sad, but it was only a matter of time before he got badly hurt falling down the stairs (our condo is a split level with no ground floor) so we had to do something, and this was the best option for him.

In any case, hopefully I'll have a productive week and maybe we'll *finally* see those 44mm head tubes from True Temper soon.


Llama said...

Sorry to hear about Snickers. We had to give up a dog about 8 months ago - very difficult thing to do.

artnshel said...

That must have been a very difficult decision.
I've had two aging dogs and know it isn't easy. Our stairs to the back hard became an insurmountable issue for one of them last year but we were lucky to be able have the front door at ground level. We had to adjust our schedule to walk the dog 4 times a day but it was only for a few months.
If we didn't have steps to the yard I'd take him in.

Carolynn said...

Such sad news about Snickers, I hope you guys and Pele are managing and that he gets really cush new digs really soon!

Phil Higgs said...

Yeah, cos the dogs that always get snapped right up at the shelters are the old and difficult ones.

Sorry Walt -- you lost any respect from me.

Walt said...

Um, Phil, would you prefer that we just wait for him to fall down the stairs and break his legs? Because he was falling down the stairs several times a week.

Oh, wait, we should have just bought a new house. That would work.

Seriously, WTF? You think we just felt like ditching the dog Sarah has had for 13 freakin' years?

You have a lot of nerve posting something like that.

Phil said...

Ah hell, Im sorry I posted it. I'm sure you had your reasons, I just get my hackles up when I hear news like this. I volunteer at a shelter, so I see too many dogs ditched. But kneejerking is easy; I should have had more sympathy. Apologies.