Sunday, February 21, 2010

Enough with the freakin' winter, already!

It's late winter and as usual, I'm feeling whiny. We've had a solid 2 months of alternating slush/snow and mud, with nary a dry day NOR a true snow day thrown in. In short, I'm sick of the weather.

Capping that off, I was going to ride on the track today, but thanks to the incompetence of the staff at BIC, I wasn't able to reserve a slot in time. Doh.

In my dreams, I get one house in Crested Butte and another one in Tucson or Las Cruces or something and then find someone who really like cold winters and hot summers to trade with every 6 months...yeah, right.

Thanks to Tison for the nice photo! I'm off to the climbing gym.


steve garro said...

Dude - i can't even see out of my house! i'm leaving to Baja for two weeks. i call uncle. i'm with you - i wanna 2nd house in Sedona. i'm saving up when i get back. you can come visit! - Garro.

taryn said...

Perfect time to settle in on the trainer and attempt to finish off the last season of Battle Star Galactica. I'm ashamed to admit how much mindless tv I've consumed since December.

Walt said...

Dude, Steve, I saw your blog photos of that storm... unreal!

Taryn, the last season is not very good...I hate to tell you this. You should have stopped watching when they found that crappy planet and settled there.

taryn said...

No trouble, I've been warned by others. They haven't even gotten to crappy earth yet, so I'll still use it as my motivation to spend 43 minutes on the bike that goes nowhere.