Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The beast... actually rides. At the actual Velodrome.

Went for a 2 hour session with Nick and Redcoat this afternoon (if by "rode with" you mean "was repeatedly lapped by and laughed at"). Wow, I suck. But wow, my bike rocks (at least for me). It might look like a ladder with wheels, and I might be sitting up a foot higher than everyone else there, but it's fast and comfortable and stiff enough for the 4.2 watts my stick legs can put out. A+.

A 2 hour session completely wiped me. I am going to be very sore, but I think this is perfect training for the Boulder short-track series (which is my "goal" for the season this year).

I wish someone had taken pictures of my bronzed, olympian form racing around the track, but the doppler correction on Nick's Iphone was on the fritz. Heh.


Coach Nowork said...


You lie about the bike. It looked awesome. A proper track bike. I want a Waltworks Team Issue track bike once Mike and I are back from Old Pueblo!

Huge improvement in your skill level over the 2 hrs, went from a mountain biker to a track rider for real.

Will take pictures when we ride there next week.

Coach Nick.

Jon said...

Points granted for a geeky physics joke in a bike blog.

The barely-literate crossword today had "astronomical cloud" (4 letters). Yeah that's right -- OORT. Where comets come from.

chris said...

shit man I'll ski over the PASS just to come down the hill and take photos of you on the track... on an actual fixed gear bicycle:)

Walt said...

Over the pass? Dude, let's go over the pass on our fixed gears! Because they, like, make me feel in tune with my environment, and like, connected. You know?