Wednesday, February 03, 2010

650b tandem weirdness

This is a candidate for weirdest fork I've ever done. 650b *road tandem* fork with a 20mm through axle and _82mm_ of rake (look at the curves of those fork blades on the original!) It duplicates the geometry of the original (from a ~50 year old tandem) but is set up for a big fat disc brake (tab not installed yet).

In the next couple of weeks, this sucker will probably get knocked off the weirdness throne by a motor-hub fork I'm going to be building, but for now... it's pretty darn goofy.


T-roy said...

I know that long steerer will be cut but it would certainly be freakier if it was for a tallbike that you were building. Maybe next personal project with spare random tubing? Pub bike?

goldenboy said...

And what exactly is a "motor-hub fork?"