Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Crap for Sale

In cleaning/moving stuff around mode today, as our house is a total mess (we had some work done while on vacation, and it's still not finished, so it's total chaos), and I found some random things (bike stuff, that is) that I need to get rid of:

-Fox Sidewinder gloves, size L, red. Brand new. These are just a little tighter than I'd like, so I never wore them. Still attached to each other and tagged. Retail is $40, yours for $20, shipping included.

-WTB Kodiak 29er tires. These are prototypes that have been sitting around for years, which I only rode a few times. In perfect shape, albeit dusty. One is a moto-ply 1800 gram monster, one is a 1300g version (I believe the version that is now in production). $65 for the pair, including shipping.

-Ritchey Pro 31.8 riser bar. New. Not sure why I have it. $30 shipped.


Al said...

I'll take the Paul's!!!

Walt said...

Al - Email me. Waltworks at gmail dot com.