Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go for a fun ride ... and save the Gold Hill Cafe

So as a bit of background, the ride up Fourmile canyon to Gold Hill (and then down Sunshine Canyon) is one of the best dirt road rides I've ever done - about 4k of climbing, 30 miles or so, and really nice views, decent dirt roads, and pretty much zero traffic.

Apparently the zero traffic thing is becoming a problem for my favorite pit stop - the Gold Hill Cafe (which is essentially at the summit of the climb). Great place to buy a scone or a coffee (if you're a coffee person) or just a powerbar. But they're on the verge of going out of business, apparently. So if you're feeling like doing a little climbing on some nice dirt, think about riding to Gold Hill and stop for a snack. I'd hate to see them go away.

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Margo said...

Hugh's a good guy. I spent many-a-weekend a few years back hanging out in the back with friends of mine who lived up Sunshine Canyon, partaking in illicit activities whilst consuming caffeine on Sunday afternoons...and experiencing great customer service the whole time. One of his buddies even convinced me to buy one of those damn chi machines which we enjoyed sampling regularly in the General Store's cozy attic...(Hey, anyone out there wanting a lightly used Chi Machine?)

Hugh's one of those guys who just welcomes you into his home, is super laid back. The General Store is great. Plus they are a huge resource for the Gold Hill community. So stop in there, get a piece of quiche or a bagel or it if you can!!