Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AZ pictures, not many words

Most of these are from Tucson Mountain Park (Golden Gate), Sierra Vista/Carr Canyon, and Milagrosa. We had a great time!

As an aside, Sarah reports that the direct mount front derailleur shifts noticeably better than her old one, and we had no problems with it during the trip. Sweet!


Nowork said...

glad to see you aren't in any of the photos spoiling the view!

joel said...

AZ looks nice!

Ed said...

Wow, you posted RIDE pics - awesome!



Walt said...

Nick - Yes, I thought it best to keep myself out of the pictures so as not to crack the camera lens. Also, I was the one taking them, hence no shots of me.

I think we all know how photogenic I am...

Ed - Dude, I ride! Really, I do! Or, Sarah does, anyway. I just jog behind with the camera.