Friday, December 11, 2009


Someone stole my ratty old Mountain Smith backpack, with my climbing shoes and a chalk bucket, out of my car from in front of the welding supply today. Crazy - who in their right mind would want smelly climbing shoes and a 10 year old backpack?

Anyway, I'm bumming, because I really liked those shoes. Sarah's shoes were in there too. And that was a really good backpack for carrying big loads of groceries.

Have a good weekend, y'all. I'm off to BSR tomorrow to look for new climbing shoes, I guess.


Jon said...

Someone rummaged in my brother's 84 Celica and took his spare change, a flashlight, and some socks. I guess these people actually need this stuff.

Your guy probably used to climb but is now homeless and he finally has some shoes he (and his girlfriend) can climb in.

Or not.

Rody said...


I feel for ya...our cars have been hit 3 times and the shop once this year. Silly thing is, if folks just asked, I'd probably given them more than they'd taken.


LeeAB said...

Hey Walt

Don't you wear the same size as I do? or are you a little smaller? what is the euro size on your bike shoes? Let me know I may have something I can send you, and I have loads of chalk bags though no spare buckets.


Phil said...


I've got some 9 or 9.5 climbing shoes I can donate, along with a chalk bag. Climbing = too much more gear to buy for me.

- Fewgates' friend Phil

mail AT filipo DOT net