Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Beast Stirs

The orphan beast, that is. Track frame is done except for a seatstay bridge (which, given the tandem chainstays and oversized seatstays, plus super short wheelbase, I probably don't even need) and perhaps a powdercoat, since I'll be out of town for the next 2 weeks anyway.

For those who are curious:
74/74 parallel head and seat tubes
11.8" BB height
59cm seat tube (to top)
55cm effective toptube
375mm chainstays (actual) and 373mm (effective) with the wheel all the way forward
Ginormous 19cm head tube (no, I won't be aero...)

1.2mm OX platinum head tube (not an orphan)
1/.7/1x45mm Supertherm down tube (orphan intended for freeride bike project I never got around to)
.8/.5/.8x28.6mm OX platinum toptube (orphan cut too short for Eszter's singlespeed)
.9x28.6mm straightgauge 4130 seat tube (? Found it in the rafters with some other random stuff)
1x30x18mm tandem chainstays (beefcake - orphaned from me stupidly ordering 15 of them because they were really cheap)
.7mm double taper seatstays (orphaned due to severe ugliness)
Surly horizontal dropouts (orphaned/hacksawed from a frame with a non-removeable and non-usable seatpost)

I'll be building a (gasp!) unicrown track fork for her when I get back from AZ. I would just buy a cheap fork, but I realized too late that 1 1/8" track forks are as rare as hen's teeth, at least when your budget is $50. So $20 worth of unicrown blades, $5 worth of dropouts, and a steerer tube, and I'll be set to go. I think I even have all the parts I need, with the exception of the bars and some tubular tires. Thanks to Nowork for lots of parts advice and ideas, as well as the snazzy wheels!


scooter said...

I think a very narrowed crown segmented fork would look pretty sweet, I am loving the fork you built me last year

Oldbikerider said...

Nice Walt. What weight do you expect for the finished frame?

Walt said...

Is that you, Nick?


In all seriousness, it's a track bike, so it's pretty much irrelevant what it weighs, but I'd guess 5 pounds for the frame.

Oldbikerider said...

Thanks Walt. No, not Nick, just me from Australia. I've been admiring your work for a while now. Thinking of building a track frame myself sometime.