Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Waltworks Hoodies!

Yes, they're finally being made. Here's the design that Brent at Twin6 just forwarded to me. I'm not sure why it shows up so pixelated, but the actual garment will look much sharper.

EDIT: The small dots are for spacing purposes for the printer and won't show up on the actual hoodie.

Cost will be $45, shipping included in the lower 48. I'm going to go ahead and put a pre-order paypal link here, but please be aware that there is not a firm delivery date yet, and I very much doubt that they'll be ready before the holidays.

EDIT: Brent is estimating 2 weeks until T6 has them, so probably 3 until I have them. No promises, though.

They will also be available direct from Twin6, probably for a bit higher price, for those who don't want to preorder.


Manicmtbr said...

Sweet. I will get myself one. Any plans for T6 jerseys in the WW flavor?

fomenter said...

what are the 3 little doo-dads around the front emblem? or am i seeing things? it's been known to happen.

Derek said...

Can you get them in XXL? If yes, then I want one.

Derek said...


Great about the XXL, but I can't order. The paypal site error message says I need to contact the seller, but we are overseas, I am on a Mac, and other bugs could be in the system. What do you know? I can send a check if my attempts in the next few days don't work on paypal.


Craig said...

Nice. I agree about the seatmasts. I don't think there has been more of an abortion of a bicycle-related idea in the last 5 years.

On the whole I agree with you about BB30. However, you should also know that sram's red and force cranks are about 160g lighter than the standard equivalent. This is not insignificant, and all things being equal, lighter is better. That said, I have never found myself saying 'if only my crank spindle were lighter, this climb would be easier'. I also guess that being a steel builder, the weight weenie is not your target market.

Out of curiosity, do you think that the same arguments apply to the shimano press fit standard? IT seems at the very least you could keep the chainstays straighter with this setup without resorting to a wide q-factor.

The marketeers seem to have done a decent job of spreading the sentiments of "omigawd, if I don't buy a bb30 frame it'll be like having a 1 inch quill stem by the holidays!"

Somone just needs to start making standard fit cranks in the style of cannondale's CNC thingies.

Walt said...

Derek - drop me an email. I have one on order for you, we'll figure it out.

Craig - I think you posted this to the wrong thread. I replied in the BB30 thread.

Anonymous said...

Are the sweatshirts typical twin six sizing - meaning one six small - or they normal? Thanks,