Sunday, November 15, 2009

The reason 'cross and fancy drivetrain parts don't mix

Thanks to Chuck D for the photo. I always laugh when I see cyclocross bikes with Record, or Dura-Ace, or Red. Unless you're a sponsored pro, that's just advertising that you either A) don't race, or B) have more money than sense.


Charlie Suthard said...

I didn't shift much, but when I did, it worked surprisingly well. The bike was awesome, I wish my legs were the same.

Nowork said...

I don't see much mud there.....

if you can finish a whole race on just 1 bike with the shifting still working then it's not muddy.

Mud is when they bike stops moving before you making it half a lap to the pits, and then the pit bike stops moving before you finish the lap to pit again.

Needing to pit twice a lap. That's cross.
And that's when you'll find out that Dura Ace is worth more than it's weight in gold for cross.

Walt said...

Pfah. What do Welsh people know about mud?

Nothing, that's what.