Monday, November 02, 2009


Sheesh, Eszter is getting to be a one-name celebrity like Cher. It's a good thing I kick her off the team so regularly to keep her modest.

Also, thanks to Dave G for the photos. Here's his new 26" (read that wheel size part as if my voice were dripping with venomous disdain) singlespeed. By the way, that's a frakking huge tree, dude!


Squiddo said...

PIMP! 26 inch it IS!

PS, Walt don't be a hater! I turned Dave onto your frame building talent and let me say my 2nd WW singlespeed is still digging up the CA trails.

Keep 'em coming man!

cornfed said...

Ah, finally a worthy bike posted on your site. Lovely wheel size. ;-)

I need a "Nobody cares that you ride a 26'er" WaltWorks T-shirt by the way.

Lance said...




Of course i want a 29er first.

taryn said...

Nothing wrong with normal size tires. Tall people just have to compensate for their excessive height. My 26s roll just fine.

C said...

Eszter is going to get you way too much bizness