Saturday, November 21, 2009

Craig's Dualie

A photo essay - the first steps of building Craig's 4" FS 29er.

.083" beef for the pivot (turned down to press-fit, then welded into the upper section of the seat tube), .035" above. Offset to accomodate Craig's super-slack seat tube angle and reasonably short (455mm) chainstays. I'd go shorter, but Craig's going to be sitting pretty far back - so we wanted to keep the rear wheel behind him enough to prevent looping out.

BB/ST/pivot all welded up.

Upper pivot tower and .058" x 1.375" sleeve.

Setting everything up to tack in the upper pivot tower. Gotta double check all those clearances!

Tower welded to sleeve. Here's the complete seat tube assembly:

Still one seat tube step to go - brazing the sleeve to the seat tube to hold everything together (well, ok, the welding of the tower holds everything pretty well, but this is still something I need to do, if for nothing else than to fill the small gaps between the tube and the sleeve)


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Guillaume D├ęsy said...

Does the upper pivot tower goes through the seat tube like the lower pivot? I can't figure it out...