Friday, October 09, 2009

Small quantities of 880t welding rod

2/15/14 Edit: Shipping costs are up substantially for me. Cost is now $48/pound, shipping included. Just FYI.

I get emails at least once a week about this topic. Yes, I will sell you a small quantity of Weld-Mold's excellent 880t welding rod. By "small" I mean "at least one pound". Weld-Mold only sells it in 10# tubes, which can get pretty pricey. Lucky for all y'all folks who want less than that (10 pounds is probably enough for about 150 bikes), I have tons of it in my garage.

If you need multiple pounds, please email me, as you'll save some shipping money that way.

I'll put a stable link to this page over on the right side, but for now, you can just buy buy buy without even scrolling down! I have .035", .045", and 1/16", and I'll even sell you a mixed pound of any combination of those three sizes if you're not sure what you want. $48 a pound, shipping included. If you live in HI, AK, or outside the US, please email me, because you'll owe me more than that to cover shipping.


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