Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Help out a fellow in need

Robb (currently near the top of the frame waitlist) has emailed me saying that he's having some financial difficulty, and would like to sell his spot (ie, you'd buy his deposit) in line. Normally I don't do this kind of thing, but he's in a tight spot. Want a frame quick-like? You can be in the catbird seat, just contact him: deleted for details.

EDIT: Ken has taken Robb's spot. Please do not email Robb anymore, the deal is done!

In other news, the climbing comp went kinda poorly. In my opinion, they need to put a limit on the number of participants - people were waiting 15 minutes just to try a single problem! The black lights and costumes were cool, I guess, but I really preferred the normal-lighting non-Psychadelia comp from earlier this year. Maybe I'm just a loser.

Weirdly enough, I did the first 6 advanced problems with only one fall, total. With the exception of #1 and #5, they were *really* easy. And then #7-10 were *impossible*. Not sure why the difficulty ratchets up so fast, but it's kind of annoying when everything is either super easy or not even doable as a project. Especially since you've gotta wait 5-10 minutes between attempts because there are so many people.

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Robbpedals said...

Walt, Thanks for posting this! I will be back to order,once my crisis is over and I am back on my feet financially. -Robb