Saturday, September 12, 2009

Humorous incident of the dog in the daytime

Some of the really geeky readers might know the book I'm clumsily referencing with that title, but this is really just something humorous that just happened...

-Guy came to the door while I was working in the shop, selling stuff. I hate door to door salesmen, unless they look like Willy Loman. This guy looked like a 22 year old punk.

-It transpires (as he shouts to make himself understood over my blasting opera music) that he is selling home security systems.

-I ask why he is standing so far away from the front door of the house.

-He answers "I am terrified of your dog" (Pele is growling and barking like a maniac, as usual).

-I laugh and walk back into the shop.


sdl said...

your home is at least safe from that guy.
straying off topic, about "a curious incident ... "
i once talked to a girl at ucsd who does autism research and counseling, and i asked how accurate it was. she said it was instantly one of her favorite books, and clearly admired the author for doing the subject justice and understanding autistic people very, very well. that was my impression of the book, too, but since i know nothing it was fun to hear that from someone who might know more.

that salesman that didn't ring said...

This story MAKES me wanna move to Colorado and steal wild strawberries from the neighbors.

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Feldy said...

funny story with levetating Kujo.

Good reference, medicore-to-lousy book.

steve garro said...

so, he was scared of the opera???one of my neighbors wanted to use my frame shop to corral his runaway flock of sheep - no kidding. and yes, our home security system consists of Cody & Sally. they bark lots, esp. at bums & church ladies.......Steve Garro, Coconino Cycles.

Dan O said...

Is opera the secret to building frames?