Thursday, September 24, 2009

Half a stem

I don't build stems for bikes, in general (too much work, not enough reason to bother when there are so many sizes/lengths/configurations available), but Smiley had a unique need - a 31.8 clamp "stem" for his Serotta fit cycle. Apparently these suckers haven't been updated and only have 26mm clamps for their handlbar entension/stem mechanism. It's pretty simple, just a piece of 1" 4130 welded to a 31.8 clamp. Easy solution to a problem we couldn't solve any other way.

If you're a Serotta fit cycle person, and you'd like one of these, drop me a line. I'm thinking they'll run about $75, or a bit more for a stainless extension (if you're concerned about rust - this can't be powdercoated, since it needs to be a slip fit).

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