Tuesday, September 08, 2009


...with our local trails, that is. Boulder has a real paucity of good riding within easy riding distance from town - most of our good trails require a motorized assist or a 2.5 hour pavement grunt/climb. Not fun.

Eric keeps taunting me with these pictures from Pisgah. Yes, I will have to go out there soon. The southeast is pretty much the only place I've never ridden.


Joshua Stamper said...

The sweet thing about Western NC is that you can ride mountain singletrack year-round (no snow pack), and you can access Pisgah from A-vegas via bent creek. Dupont is another in that area. It could be the promised land. I am still trying to figure out why I left?

mattp said...

so, you're saying that, in a way, i should be glad i ended up in philly, not boulder, for school?

Eric Wever / Pisgah Productions said...

The riding is almost always a car-ride away in Pisgah, unless you live in the semi-swank-60's-70's-rancher-style neighborhood of Bent Creek... then you can ride for as long as you want straight from your door. Pisgah proper is a 30+ min drive from Asheville... TO THE BEST TRAIL SYSTEM ON EARTH. Oh hey, what about a link everyonceinawhile?

Geoffrey B. said...

It's true, some of the best riding in the country in my opinion. Look us up when you are town and we will take you out on the secret loops. Geoffrey, CTS Asheville, NC

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Asheville is incredibale for riding.....my Waltworks and I are headed there this weekend to become one with the trail.

Andy, Kitchey Sink Owner!