Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buy my cranks! Also, sell me your old crappy fork! Also, Ritchey Breakaway!

A distributor shipped me the wrong length cranks for a customer and I'm *still* trying to get rid of them:
Dura-Ace compact (34-50) 170mm crankset. Brand new, still in the original packaging. Retails for like $700 or something. Yours for $375 including shipping, or make me a reasonable offer.

Second, I'm looking for an old Noleen/Girvin linkage fork (these were on K2 and some Proflex bikes in the late 90s through 2001 or so). I want the parts for a silly project. Don't need the shock, bushings can be trashed and I don't care at all. If you have such an item, drop me a line and I'll offer you a pittance (in cash) or a modest sum (in the form of a nice discount on a frame or fork).

Finally, I'm now offering Ritchey Breakaway bikes. Lighter (by about 150 grams) and cheaper ($250 is the upcharge) than an S&S bike, though only really useful for road bikes (the way the frame splits probably won't allow a mountain bike to fit in the case, and the downtube coupler is only available in 31.8mm). A great cheaper/lighter alternative for those who don't want to spend the big $ on S&S.


VT Mike said...

There's a Girvin fork on eBay.

John McMillan, BAB Product Manager said...

correction: The Ti ATB BAB has a 38.1 down tube that is necked down to accept the 34.9 clamp, 31.8 is just the steel bikes.  They will fit in the case but is more complicated than the 700C models.  if you run disc brakes you will probably want to remove the rotors (frame has disc or v-brake options).  Most riders need to remove the forks as well.