Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Worst short track ever?

Well, neither Sarah or I got hurt, but we got 2 dnf's for our efforts, Sarah's due to a crash and subsequent demoralization (she wasn't hurt) and mine due to a slashed rear tire.

In more sobering news, one of the women's A racers had a *horrible* crash and what looked like a pretty serious spinal injury. The folks at the race came together fast to get her comfortable and direct the ambulance in - worst crash I've ever seen at a bike race, and I've seen a lot. I don't know the woman's name, but she's a pro road racer for Webcor - all the best to her, I hope she'll come race again soon and have better luck. Long story short, it was a very disconcerting start to the night of racing and really kind of ruined the mood for a lot of folks.

I'll say no more about that. On to good news:

Little Isaac boardman rode his 16" wheel BMX to a fine finish in the kids race, and Redcoat threw down for 5th in an exciting sprint in the Men's A's. Then he lent me a tube and pump to get home! Nice work RC!

I'm hoping Boardman sends me some pictures of Isaac. It's pretty freakin' rad. The kid loves to descend!

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worldbtom said...

Hey Walt,

It looks like the rider (Nikki Butterfield) is relatively ok. No spinal injuries, but she did have a bad concussion. Here is the link to her twitter page:

Nice to meet you last week,
Tom (Jason's brother and Izak's uncle)