Wednesday, July 08, 2009

NAPA to the rescue

Well, actually, I don't know if they were a NAPA shop officially. When in Bend, I broke my Crankbrothers pedal JRA. The spring that holds the wings gave up, so I thought I'd have to buy a new pedal.

Not so. This solution, thanks to an auto repair shop and $1, works great. Sarah and I cam up with it collaboratively (I executed the solution on the trail with zipties from my rear brake line, but they proved not to be strong enough, she suggested a hose clamp). Of course, you only get a single clip-in side, rather than 4, but it's surprisingly easy to get into anyway, since the hose clamp tends to hang straight down and put the good side up.

I was pretty pleased with my cleverness, and it allowed us to ride for the last 2 days of our trip, without buying any new pedals.


Anonymous said...

I had eggbeaters give out on me on vacation once also. The plastic bushing on the end gave way and the body came off the spindle. My on the trail fix? I fashioned a new bushing out of duct tape. It would work for about 20 minutes then I'd have to rebuild it again. At least it got me out of the woods!

Anonymous said...

that is an amazing coincidence. follow me on this one. I am in seattle, and on my way to Rainier today I passed an auto parts store called Walts. the a was hexaganol in nature and there was a wrench fixed to it. thought of you, now you are writing about auto parts saving your bike, and your name is walt. that is crazy. oh, and i forgot my blogger password again, so i am back to anonymous
-mike morton

Anonymous said...

this is why i love bailing wire! yay for bailing wire! and mini vicegrips!