Monday, July 27, 2009

How do you think...

..that the back side of Sarah's right fork leg got this nice dirt/sap scuff mark and dent?

If you guessed "Sarah clipped a 3" diameter log, which magically somersaulted into her spokes and then locked up her front wheel at 25 mph", you'd be correct!

Then she flew about 6' up and 20' across and landed on her head. I didn't take a picture of her helmet, but suffice to say it's not going to be much use anymore.

Amazingly, she walked (well, rode) away with only a bunch of bruises and cuts - no broken ligaments or bones, no concussion (plus she got a blood test at the doctor's and found out her hematocrit is 42!) Helmets rock.

The bike didn't come out of it so well - blown apart front wheel, weirdly dented fork (I personally think it's probably ok, the snapping spokes seem to have acted as shock absorbers to some extent), and a toasted front derailleur (that happened 45 minutes before the crash, but it still sucks).

She's pretty sure she'll be ok to ride during our Crested Butte trip, and I'm hard at work building her a new wheel, so I guess all's well that ends well.


Jon said...

Holy Crepe!

Man, wood that moves when I ride over it... always iffy. I have noticed that if it's gonna move, flipping up directly toward the wheel is very often how it moves. I haven't launched from one of those, but I've gotten 'em plenty caught up in various critical mechanisms.

I'm almost surprised the full sub-orbital doesn't happen more in these situations. I guess you need a good sized stick to really bring the wheel to a stop.

wv: vereors

Dan O said...


I had something similar happen to me years ago - on a short, steep downhill - branch flipped up into spokes, causing a semi-high speed endo.

I think the steep hill saved me from getting banged up - I sort of rolled down it and came to a stop.

Bridgestone MB-Zip and front wheel survived also.

Rob Young said...

Yikes!! Glad she's ok!