Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weekend race report...

...from professional architect Brian Fuentes:

Morning races-

Ian must have designed some complicated roofs and pissed off a roofing contractor, cause he put a roofing nail through his tire 2.5 hours in, on a 3:34:00 pace, and had to pull the plug.

Taryn made a marginal decision to get some free protein supplements on course, and swallowed a big bug on the second lap and had to stop and dislodge the creature from her larynx. This did not improve her placing, but she did end up a very respectable 7th.

Mid Day -

Cubison was the man of the day, destroying the rest of the single speed field by 10 minutes or so, not riding his waltworks, since he threw it off a cliff last week. He proceeded to the bar to get some beer, and after the giro TTT, is reportedly heading to pearl st. for more imbibement then to the hills with MT for some backcountry two planking.

OMV, aka Old Man Mike Vigers, of the Spot team, who just got his driving learner's permit, was seen ripping the legs off the junior expert field on the 2006 fewgates WW mobile. yes, blown out parts and all, Vigers crushed them on a WW..

Eszter got 3rd, after a spectacular explosion rivaling the big bang. laps were 43 45 45 47 and 54 or something. go big or go home. or go big, blow up, and then go home. it was awesome.

fewgates, aka, I, myself and me, on the new rig was also 3rd, albeit 2 minutes slower than last year after getting dropped by JHK and Colin Cares after half a lap and doing the solo TT mission the rest of the day.

rumor has it megan and jung has graduated as well.

what a week ladies!

heres my crappy iphone pics.

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