Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Friday Complete Bike Photos

Chris' 5" travel 29er semi-freeride bike. Sweet thru-axle Reba fork!

And at the other end of the spectrum, Ryan's sparkly blue 'cross bike, with zero inches of travel.


Luis G. said...


Rob Young said...

Cool! I love the 29er frame.. What makes it free ridable? (Not trying to be annoying, I assume there is something subtle or not that I'm not seeing.)

Anonymous said...

what up with the bar ends on Chris's bike ???

Walt said...

Rob -

It's all about geometry and travel. Nice slack 69 degree head tube angle, 5" of travel, short (for a FS 29er) chainstays - this bike is meant to be ridden fast downhill. It'll go uphill too, of course (especially with the adjustable travel fork that you can crank down to 90mm from 120), but it's definitely better down.

Better down than up constitutes "freeride" bike in my book. "Downhill" bike is something that doesn't go uphill *at all*.

Anon -

Chris is making a fashion statement, I think. :)


Andrew Brautigam said...

That cross bike is HOT.

Dan O said...

Both bikes look great.

The 29er rear suspension looks like a really clean set up.

Cool stuff.

Chris said...

Hey Rob,

The bar ends make me think I climb better:) Just kidding they are ergon's that are pretty darn comfortable. They are not as high and goofy looking in person as in the picture. The pic angle makes them look higher than they are.
If that is what you meant by the comment.

The bike rides awesome! Came in at about 28lbs. Climbs like a goat and descends like a banshee!

The Ventana rear is makes my old Sultan feel like a wet noodle.

Thanks again Walt!