Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Logan Mill: 17:28


Well, ok, so I mostly went faster, I think, because I wasn't carrying a ton of crud in a Camelbak. I actually felt like crud for most of the climb. Still, the fastest I've ever done it. I have a feeling that the 17 minute mark could fall, but I'm not going to be able to get any more gains from leaving stuff at home - I almost froze to death coming back down 4mile canyon because I didn't even bring a jacket. I guess I could leave my tube/pump/multitool at home too, but that's going a little far - I don't want to walk back to Boulder, personal record or no.

I could stash my clothes at the base and ride naked...
Now that you're all thoroughly disgusted, here's something (sort of) neat that I built for my Welsh friend Gumby recently. That's right - it's a lugged crown road fork. Something I really thought I'd never do. But in this case, it fit the bill to do what he needed, and it came out quite well, actually. I did learn that you have to dimple the fork blade on this type of fork to allow a 160mm brake rotor (yes, it's a disc fork) to clear the fork blade. Goofy. I have yet to decide if I'll offer these as an option - honestly, I don't build that many road bikes anyway, and almost everyone who gets one wants a carbon fork. I will probably build a few more for myself/friends and make sure they're working like I want and coming out straight and such, and then think about selling 'em.


taryn said...

Does this need to be updated?


Reid said...

Dude! Ride the damn thing naked! What are you waiting for?!

Walt said...

Taryn -

Bill hasn't updated that in years. I don't think he cares anymore.

I'm totally ready to ride naked...just gotta wait for a warm day!


Anonymous said...

skinsuit baby. oh, and what about having someone ride with you to carry all the incidentals?
maybe have said someone pace you for the first half, like they do in the mile and stuff.
are you running a higher psi for the hill climb? i have lots more questions, but i will save them for later.

Eszter said...

You should run Ti bolts in your disc rotors, and only three of them. That's what all the cool kids do.

Big Dave said...

Did you consider cutting the disk tab down to run a 140 rotor up front? ....would that allow you to not have to dimple the tube?...or would the caliper hit the spokes?