Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So, I'm old.

In my last post, I alluded to feeling a little old. In that I deliberately pointed out the age of someone younger than myself. You just don't do that unless you're a *little* bit jealous, after all - of their youth and their accomplishment of almost beating you in a fairly meaningless short track race.

Ahem. Where was I?

Oh, yes. So tonight I figured out that I'm old.

(A) I attended a book-club meeeting.
(B) The book club meeting was combined with a dinner party.
(C) I criticized the host's preparation of pizza dough and attempted to deliver a lecture on baker's yeast and gluten to my friends.
(D) I drank nothing but (red) wine, and none of the available beer.
(E) This constituted a pretty wild night for me, these days.

AARP, here I come.


The Yellow Haired Girl said...

Atleast you're not slower than snot.

Anonymous said...

I realized that I'd become old when I found I was willing to spend hundreds of dollars on an oriental rug.

In other news, have you ever thought about using a Stoke Monkey to build a semi-motorized DH bike?

Brandon Ives said...

Oh, Walt. . . I'm feeling your pain, or maybe it's just my arthritis acting up. If it makes you fell better I hit the big 40 in a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

Nice OLD talk from a youngin like yourself.

Call me when you really get old!

Anonymous said...

It was a slide down a slippery slope, once you swung a leg over that hybrid.

taryn said...

Old is going to a mid-week concert and groaning when you realize the main band isn't starting till after ten, then spending the rest of the evening trying to stifle yawns. Oh, and enjoying all the popping sounds your joints make as you try to crawl out of bed the next morning. Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

old is NOT going to the mid-week concert, or even a weekend concert that isn't over my midnight.

Luis G. said...

How about not being able to ride a bike for months due to knee problems, how's that for old!

Lancer said...

I realized I was old when I thought it a bargain to spend over $1,000 on a custom bike to participate in a sport at which I flat-out suck, in what I am sure will be my hopeless effort not to suck so much.

Anonymous said...

I read this in the MTBR forums: "A good thing about getting older is that I can afford to buy these kinds of things" - he was referring to some super bling bike he just bought. Dough and wisdom with age, not far from your wild night out. - Will