Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obligatory gear whore/technobabble post

I try to steer clear of hyping product (if anything, the opposite) on the blog, but a bunch of folks have asked me about these products (as in, when/how much) so straight from the horse's (erm, Mike Bush at Notubes) mouth:

"ZTR Race 29er

The big wheel counterpart to our highly successful and superlight Race 7000 26" wheels has arrived. If you have customers seeking the ultimate in lightweight 29er wheels for race day, we have them covered. Available as complete wheels only built with American Classic or Cannondale Lefty SL front hubs and American Classic geared or single speed hubs laced up with DT Revolution spokes and DT alloy nipples, they tip the scales at 1370 grams including tape and valves for tubeless use. There is a 170 pound weight limit.

Dejay Birtch (Niner) and Mike Simonson (Fisher/29er Crew) have both won on them already this year."

Cost on those bad boys (for Waltworks frame owners ONLY) will be $700.

Also, they've started sourcing their own hubs (I *think* the manufacturer is Sun Ringle):

"ZTR Hubs

We aren't exactly looking to get into the hub business but we do have a desire to have more people experience our rim and tubeless technology. To that end we have sourced hubs from a very established manufacturer in Taiwan that will allow us to reach a new price point and improve dealer margins on our custom wheels.

Front ZTR Disc hub
-152 grams (average)
- 2 sealed cartridge bearings
- Black anodized with laser etched ZTR logo
- QR skewer included

Rear ZTR Disc hub
- 282 grams (average)
- 2 sealed cartridge bearings in the hub shell and 2 more in the freehub body
- Red anodized freehub body features 3 spring loaded pawls with 24 points of engagement
- Black anodized with laser etched ZTR logo
- QR skewer included

Hubs are available for custom wheel builds immediately."

Complete wheelsets will run $320 (for a basic silver spoke/nip set with any ZTR rim). Not bad!

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Nato said...

I just got a set of tiny-wheel Notubes wheels. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the ZTR hubs, for the price. It's really a well thought-out design at a great price.