Monday, March 02, 2009

Go big or go home?

Yep, here it is. Thanks to Marcus for taking the pictures.

Ride impressions: it is very silly. I only rode around the parking lot, so no idea how it would work on an actual trail. Marcus is optimistic that it will rock out. We'll see.

Would I build another one? Yes. Would I build one for myself? Only if I was *really* bored. The fit was amazingly close to ok (with no toe overlap) despite the fact that I'm only 5'11". But my attempts at J-hopping met with, erm, stupendous failure. Then again, with those wheels, I don't think you'd even need to loft the front wheel to make this sucker roll over pretty much anything.


Dan O said...

Man, that's just plain loopy. What size wheels are those?

Who the hell makes those tires?

kurt said...

NICE! What is that drivetrain, 2x1?

the mighty war-khan said...

That can be rocked out as a singlespeed too?

Anonymous said...

I posted up some early thought on this thread:

Because of the wrong cassette carrier on the rear, I'm running a 2x1 now (68 and 44 gear inches). I'll upgrade to 2x6 when I can get that sorted.

Because of the sliders, this is very SS capable.

Thanks for building this beasty, Walt.

I'm thinking a Marshall Mesa or possibly Heil Ranch ride Thursday if the winds aren't too crazy.


grannygear said...

I could see having one of those. Very cool.

Cellarrat said...

Me wantie!

very neato!

VT Mike said...

I know Walt's not really down with the whole curved tube thing, but that frame just kind of begs for it. Very cool none the less.