Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A great day, plus Walt's screwup of the year

So the riding ruled. Miguel and I got out for 4 hours, up to Gold Hill, out to Switzerland, back down, and then up Poorman. Good stuff. Picture of my mud-spattered bike to follow in the morning.

So I was in a good mood, until I figured out later in the day that I made some dumb mistakes and left some minor stuff off of a frame and fork that I built for Peter a while back. He's been a real trooper about all of it, and I'm going to either A) change the stuff that needs to change, or B) sell the original frame/fork (as yet unridden) and build him a new one from scratch. Option B appeals to me because it saves the fine powdercoat having to be stripped and resprayed

This (a frame coming back) isn't something that happens much, so I'm kicking myself a bit tonight. In any case, if anyone is interested, you can have this fine frame AND rigid fork for a mere pittance - $900 (that's $420 off, if you're counting), shipping included anywhere in the US. It's designed for East coast woods riding, ready to build up (and yes, I'll sell you parts at my super-low prices)

Here are the relevant details:
26" wheels, 80mm suspension corrected.
71/73 angles for head/seat tubes
22.2" effective toptube, 12.4" BB height
415mm chainstays
Plenty of clearance for 2.4+ tires front and rear
V-brake specific
Great for riders up to 160# or so, standard lifetime warranty.

I'll get some pictures when it gets back here - drop me a line if interested.

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Big Dave said...

Don't you just hate when that happens? It's like some serious proposal or email you sent out and it's missing lots of stuff or has serious typos.

That just seems like too weird of a bike for anyone NOT to have custom built.

Good luck selling it.