Monday, January 05, 2009

Go West, young (sort of) man!

I'm off to Tucson for riding, sun, suds, more riding, food, suds, etc.

I'll leave y'all with a neat shot of a pretty unique color that just got back from the PC - BR24 or something. It's supposed to be a bronze metallic, but it's more like a light-colored *leather* thing. Weird, but very cool.

I'll take the camera and try to get some action shots in the desert. I will be occasionally checking email, but if it's not important, please don't expect a reply until I'm back.


sminch said...

Not sure what you intended but that is called hammered finish. It is used a lot on machinery for its durability. I think it is sick. Wanted to try it on a mountain bike but hesitated. Now I know. Keep up the nice work, Wil

Walt said...

Smitch -

It's worth noting that decals really don't stick to it worth crap. Just FYI, if you decide to do one this way.