Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I love Joe Bringheli

-Because he sells awesome .9mm S-bend chainstays that are SUPER ovalized, for great tire clearance. Sweet!

-Because he answers the phone by saying "Ah-bringheli-ah" in the thickest Italian accent you've ever heard.

-Because his website is the digital equivalent of a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle - nothing fancy, just the bare necessities.

-Because I've never met him in person, and so I can imagine that he looks like the Italian chef guy on the Simpsons.

-Because he ships you whatever you want, without asking for payment up front, and just says "send a check". Who runs a business like that these days?!?

-Because the crown race cutter I have from him is still going strong, with zero sharpening, after more than 200 forks.

Joe, you are the man.


steve garro said...

walt, you are correct on ALL accounts {those are the ONLY CS's i use, stock up, he only imports them once a year - at 1/2 the cost of nova} except that he looks nothing like that - he's about 5'7", really skinny and wears thick glasses......he does rock. i always look forward to calling him! steve.

Anonymous said...

Steel, yummy...
What tubing set does he use?

Rody said...


Too funny...I'm only an hour from big Joe so have the opportunity to see him often.

You think his steel is good, you ought to try his home grown eggs...his chickens rock!



Anonymous said...

I was in Cleveland last week for a family reunion and noticed an article about frame building in the paper and mention of Bringheli. I called him up and went over to his house. He was a really nice guy, showed me some of the parts, his first and last bike, and his small shop. Walt, you are next on my list of people I want to meet.

I've been a lurker on MTBR framebuilding. I'm getting the fever.