Monday, December 22, 2008

Goodbye, cruel world

I spent a lot of time sweating in this helmet, getting passed by faster enduro riders. Also crashing. A lot. It's almost 10 years old and arguably hasn't been safe to ride in for the last 8 or so of those years, plus I haven't owned a dirtbike since about 2002 or so when I sold my last KTM. But damn it makes me sad to throw it away.

I still have my Sidi moto boots in the closet. I'm never giving them up. Too many fond memories. Probably. I do have way too much junk. Maybe I'll post a pic of my old Sidi dominators sometime. Those are some seriously trashed shoes, and I still can't manage to get rid of them.

BTW, everyone who ordered T-shirts: the shirts got here on Saturday night, so I just shipped them out. I'm assuming they will *not* make it in time for Xmas. So if you intended to give one as a gift, my apologies. I got them out as fast as I could.


kurt said...

Ha! I threw out my old Shoei helmet last month. The next morning my neighbor rode over on his new 450 and offered to let me ride it. Wearing that Shoei on the ride would not have drawn the laughs that wearing my Bell X-Ray did.

the mighty war-khan said...

Shouldn't you destroy that helmet so a Hobo doesn't get any funny ideas?

Jorah said...

Walt, as both a dirt bike and mountain bike rider, did you ever find yourself mixing up (or desiring to mix up) left and right levers? Or do you ride your bikes in the moto style? Which type of riding did you do first? I am currently learning how to ride a motorcycle and while my instincts are not telling me to mix activities, I worry they might smear together in the future. Thoughts?

Walt said...

Hey Jorah -

Your brain learns the difference pretty quick. I never swapped my brakes on the mountain bike, and it was never a problem for me.

My glass knee, on the other hand, was a big problem. Which is why I no longer ride on two-wheeled vehicles with engines.