Monday, December 01, 2008

Black friday update

Some folks have pointed out that it might be considered unfair of me to have offered the "free fork" discount last friday, since there are folks on the waitlist who put their money down long ago and have been patiently waiting.

I think there's some merit to that point of view, and in order to make it up to everyone, I've decided to extend that offer, with a slight catch.

Until January 1, 2009, anyone who orders a frame (including folks already on the list) will get a free custom rigid fork, provided you also order a complete parts kit. By complete kit, I mean *everything* - pedals, saddle, tires, you name it. In other words, the fork is free if you order a complete bike from me. The actual parts choices, are, of course, up to you, but this offer doesn't apply to the "dirtbag" build kits.

If you're not the rigid fork type (sissies), you can instead take $100 off a suspension fork of your choice from my extensive selection.

Hopefully this is a bit more fair to everyone. Once again, my apologies if you were upset about the special offer.

1 comment:

fomenter said...

get the rigid fork (sissies) - it rocks.