Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy birthday to me

Well, as usual, I forgot the camera for the Fruita trip, so there aren't any pictures of that stuff, but I will say:
-18 road and the bookcliffs have become a total zoo on the weekends. Good lord. Who in their right mind wants to ride *up* Zippety?
-Son of Middle Creek in Vail is a lame ride. Nice views of I-70, though...
-East Eagle/Boneyard in Eagle are some of the funnest trails I've ridden in a LONG time. Thanks to the anonymous Mafia Racing dude who helped up find the best stuff.
-I really suck at riding full suspension bikes. I think my wrist has healed up enough to bust the singlespeed back out, thank god.

In any case, we rode in Ned on Sunday and then partied to celebrate my 32 years on the planet. Everyone showed up on bikes (you can only see some of them in this shot, there must have been 20 in the entryway)

It was quite a fun time, and there's enough beer in the keg still to lubricate the election night party coming up tomorrow. Sweet.

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Ed said...

Happy Birthday you young pup!

Maybe I'll stop by on my way to work Election Day to sip some of that leftover beer :-)