Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funky stuff

Shot of Wayne's front triangle - set up for a C'dale lefty fork, complete with 1.5" head tube. IMO, the head tube looks pretty silly on a steel bike, but then again, I'm known for my terrible taste.

Honestly, I think the adapted 1 1/8" crown is the way to go here, but whatever.

Another weird little thing - David had Jen Green make him a badge with some gangsta bling - pretty neat. It would probably be cooler without the little round mount, but Jen says this is the only way the cubic zirc... I mean, 10 carat diamond will stay on there.


Anonymous said...

You sure do have a nice little pile o forks there in the background.

Walt said...

Yes, there's a nice pile of fork-related debris there. I really should get rid of it all, but I apparently have a crappy fork hoarding disorder. I just need a threaded Manitou 3 and the collection will be complete...