Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The dark side

I'm tempted to stick a BSNYC "approve" sticker on this, along with the hipster fixie frame... yes, I have built a (kind of weird) road fork. For the full fixie stupidity, I guess I should probably put a canti boss on the dropout, and attach a downtube shifter to actuate the front brake. That would be sweet. Especially if Scott wore some tight jeans and an American Apparely t-shirt with something ironic written on it while riding.

I wanted to do something different/unique/weird for Scott's fixie (it's set up for a long reach brake and fender), so I turned down some 1/4" thick x 1.5" 4130 pipe (in good conscience, I can't call it "tubing"), turned a crown race onto the top of it, slipped in a steerer, and welded on some fork blades that are mitered directly to the base of the steerer/crown. I think it looks kinda neat (the top caps aren't on the fork blades yet - I'm going to use CO quarters, I think). It was a pain to build, though, so I'll probably just use a lugged crown for any future road forks. Not that I expect a ton of interest in that - steel road forks are hardly a popular item these days.

A quick note: apologies for the slow responses to email lately - I am dealing with a family member's (not mine) financial crisis and it is taking up a significant amount of time and energy.

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Anonymous said...

That fork looks sweeeet. (And I now find myself desiring a downtube suicide lever brake setup.)

A steel fork on a steel frame is the shit. Ain't as light as a carbon/alu combo but weight ain't everything eh?