Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

Today only, folks (ok, for those of you not observing buy-nothing day):

Order a frame today (meaning, your $500 paypal deposit has to be here by midnight mountain time, or your check/cash/heroin has to be postmarked today's date) and I'll build you a custom fork for _free_.

Just don't trample me in your rush to the shop.

Need info on how to pay the deposit? Click here for the fit sheet and instructions


Anonymous said...

Walt is this really fair to the 15 people already on your waitlist for a frame?
Nice idea though.

Guy on the List said...

I'm on that list, and I decided "Yes", before you posted this question. If it was worth $x to that person to get on the waitlist before today, then they took that deal willingly and I would think happily. It's just like anyone else having a sale (like Walmart or Circuit City). It's not just that part Y costs Z, it's WHEN. If you told me three months ago to wait before sending in my deposit so as to get a free fork, I would not have. Apparently Walt wants to generate some business NOW!

Corrolary: if you were looking to get a frame and a non-walt fork, is it fair to ask walt to give you the free fork now, and send along the Fox that you were going to get anyway, at OEM prices? And then you could sell the Fox or the Walt fork?

Just questions because we like to think about this stuff!

Llama said...

Cool idea, shame I missed out . . . happy building.

Walt said...

Guys -

Great points, and I should have thought of that, probably.

It's academic anyway, since nobody took me up on the offer!