Monday, October 20, 2008

What a weekend...

First off, a couple of pictures of Margo's completed FS 29er. Very girly, I must say!

My sprained wrist/broken hand situation has healed enough for me to ride my 4" travel full suspension bike, on relatively easy terrain, so I've been trying to make up for lost time before the snow flies (apologies to everyone whose emails I've been so slow in answering!)

Long story short, my week went something like this:
Monday: 3 hour/40 mile cross bike ride. 2k climbing.
Tuesday: 2 hour/30 mile road ride. 1.5k climbing. Boring, but tiring. Decide to try riding the mountain bike next time.
Wednesday: 30 mile ride on the plains - Marshall Mesa to Cowdry to Coalton to High Plains. 3 hours, 1.5k climbing.
Thursday: Betasso with Chris - 2 hour sufferfest. Chris (and I) clean the connector for the first time ever! 22 miles, 2k climbing.
Friday: 4 hours of riding from Boulder to Lyons on 80% singletrack. Pretty cool that you can now do this with the Picture rock trail complete! 33 miles, 3.5k climbing.
Saturday: 4 hours at Buffalo Creek. Feldy, Sarah, and I ride pretty fast and don't stop much, but we pick all the steepest stuff and only end up going 32 miles. 4k feet of climbing.
Sunday: 3 hours in Ned with the Goonies. Sarah, Chris, and I bonk badly and retire to the brewery while Eszter, Mason, and Redcoat ride for an extra 2 hours. Good god. 25 miles, 4k climbing.

At this rate, I'll actually be in shape, just in time for, um... wait. Nothing. If the snow doesn't fly soon, I'll burn out by freakin' January!


Margo said...

Walt, I can't thank you enough for creating such a masterpiece for me! I literally GIGGLED through my rides this weekend. Everything was so easy, so fun, and all thanks to a fantastic bike. Yes, it's girly and I love it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That is truly a fine looking bike. Nice work!