Thursday, October 23, 2008

Custom rack?!?

Don't even ask - this was a favor for a friend, and I have no plans to build anything similar anytime soon. Thought I admit it was fun to build.

It's a handlebar bag rack - essentially a shield to keep the bar bag from hitting the front tire on a snow bike from the fine folks at Speedway cycles. Pretty neat. 135mm spacing, 5" of tire clearance (yes, you heard right) and a neato custom rack. It ended up pretty light - 400 grams. And it's probably strong enough to hold 25 pounds or so, though in this case it probably will never hold close to that much. .028"x3/8" 4130 cromoly, with a "spine" made from .125"x1" plate, bolted to a star nut installed in the bottom of the steerer.

Fun stuff, as I said, but I spent WAY more time on this than I wanted to.

Also note the immaculate condition of the shop floor. I don't know when I dropped that screwdriver, and I really should clean up the oil from converting Joel's 120mm Reba (as an aside, those things are freakin' RAD). C'est la shoppe, though.

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