Monday, September 15, 2008

Congratulations Yuki!!!

No race report yet, but Yuki just WON the solo men's division of the 12 hours of Snowmass! Check out the photo (there's an article too, but all it talks about is Lance).

In other race news, Eszter and Sarah had a great collegiate race at Sol Vista, finishing 1st/1st/4th, and 5th/5th/7th, respectively, in the competitive women's A category for XC, STXC, and DH. Nice work, ladies! I should have a pic or two to add later in the day.



Eszter said...

Ack! Blinded by the ladybug!

Nowork said...

Is that a hairy white t-shirt you're wearing Walt?

Sonya said...

Nice jersey Sarah!!! :) Nice work tearing up the collegiate lady field.

Yuki was killing it and his Waltworks was the perfect tool. He made it look easy as he blew by me a few times over the course of the race. Way to go Yuki!! Great to see you take that win!