Friday, September 26, 2008

2 posts in one day! $84 tires?!?

Some of you have heard about this new tire from Schwalbe. I find their bombast to be quite entertaining, and furthermore I have a prediction about that tire: nobody who starts a race on it will finish said race. Unless it's a course consisting entirely of grass, or (smooth) pavement, or everything has been covered with a 6" layer of felt and astroturf.

Heck, my fat 150# self can flat a 600g Ignitor at the Boulder short track (very smooth) by punching holes in the casing - I can't even imagine the kind of damage you'd do to this thing. It's almost 200g lighter than tires that I consider hilariously unreliable (Stan's Crow, Kenda Karma, etc).

They probably should call it the "Hillclimb Harry" or "Puncturing Phil".

Every Schwalbe tire I've ever used has sucked unbelieveably. I imagine this will be no exception. They'll sell a ton ($83.55 for ONE TIRE?!?) to the sport-class weightweenies, though.

Also probably to Nick, who is an honorary sport class weightweenie and also has to have at least one pair of every knobby tire ever made.

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ultradave said...

I have had the same experience with Schwalbe Cross tires. It is an interesting contradiction, though, since Schwalbe touring and road tires are among the best overall, and the best in many categories, fully loaded touring for instance, like the Marathon series.
Who makes superb mountain bike tires? For 29'ers?