Thursday, August 14, 2008

Support the Valmont Bike Park!!

I bought a brick, you can too! The important thing right now isn't the amount that you donate - the grant that BMA is hoping to get depends on widespread community support - so $5 will help just as much as $5k for the grant proposal. Donate a few bucks, Boulderites!

Here's more info:

The future park is a partnership between the Boulder Mountainbike
Alliance and the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department.
Just recently the City Council unanimously approved the concept plan
and we hope to break ground second quarter 2009.

The city has budgeted to build the park, but we are raising more
money to make the park even better and to build bigger community buy-in.

We're applying for a $200,000 grant from Great Outdoors Colorado,
and applications that have strong community support score higher. So
we need as many individual donations as possible, before AUGUST 15th when
the grant application is due. Your donation helps us win that grant!
Individual bricks start at $100 and corproate bricks cost $1,000.
There are other donation options online.

The park will include a 3-4 mile system of interconnected trails,
terrain parks, skills practice areas, a race venue, clubhouse, jumps,
technical features, kid's zone, etc. It will be designed to host
cyclocross (yeah baby!) and mountain bike races, as well as clinics, group rides,
school events, and all-around great riding.

You can learn more about the park and donate online at:
there's also a blog to keep folks updated:
Attached is a graphic with a bit more contextual info.

Please spread the word.....we're trying to reach as many people and businesses as we can.

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Feldy said...

I gave 'em a few buxx.

Though I do question the logic of putting the bike park right next to the dog park... ;-D