Saturday, July 05, 2008

Brief Firecracker wrapup

Sarah was sick, so we didn't race.
Fuentes and Megan won the duo, Nick and Shannon were 3rd.
Miguel was 2nd in Maverick men.
Eszter was 5th in Pro women and got to stand on the podium!
Ian finished, but suffered like a dog.
Taryn elected to call it a day after about 35 miles, and vows to return as part of a duo team next year.
Yuki flatted 3 times and finally dropped out.


Yuki said...

Somebody game me a 26inch tube and CO2 when I was about to throw my bike, and it worked! So I was able to finish, barely.

Walt said...

Nice, Yuki!

I should have known; Yuki always finishes!

Anonymous said...

Nice work to all those who finished! The boys in blue looked farely beat after the race.

Walt had quite a few frames flying around the FC50, good times!