Thursday, June 26, 2008


Apologies for the lack of bloggage, loyal readers. Or possibly loyal reader. I managed to come down with some kind of awful sinus infection/head cold type of ailment which has left me groggy and irritable, and totally unable to ride my bike.

A few notes on the interesting things that have transpired since I last blogged:

-I got to watch a $50k prototype electric car catch on fire and burn at its debut. Sad, yet also a little bit funny. Especially when they had to call the fire department. Folks, if you want to build an electric car, an actual electrical engineer (rather than some crazed inventor type) might be a good bet. Fuses are also good things, so that your super-expensive Li-Ion batteries don't short out and burn. Quote of the day: "I guess we should have tested it."

-Team Waltworks/Fuentesdesign had another fine Wednesday of racing at the Boulder short track. We were missing 3 (Yuki, Chris, Sarah) due to injuries, and I was sick, so the turnout wasn't great. Eszter went out hard as usual and dragged a bunch of fast ladies around for a few laps before holding on for 5th, Fuentes duked it out with JHK until the last 2 laps and lost by 8 seconds, and Rusty completed his first short track in fine style. Miguel had the worst start in history but finished strong and caught several riders. I didn't see Taryn's race, but reports are that she did quite well.

-Solar panel system has failed the city of Boulder inspection twice now, due to what I can only assume is some kind of incompetence on the part of the installers. They keep coming and making corrections, so hopefully we'll be officially approved soon.

I'm working on a variety of projects, but not all that quickly - it's hard to work fast when you're sick. So hopefully I won't get too far behind and will be healthy for the Winter Park race on Sunday - I'm hopeful that I can make the series podium, but it's going to be hard if I miss any races.

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At least one loyal reader here. Feel better my friend!