Thursday, June 12, 2008

Elis's new fork

Quick shot of the fork and bike courtesy of Eli. I've been building a TON of forks lately - including quite a few for other builders and bike companies. That always makes me feel good about myself.

Boulder short track (the first of the year, not counting the biblical-level deluge-cancelled one last week) started yesterday. The team did well; Eszter and Sarah were 1st and 6th or 7th in the Women's A race, Fuentes, Nick, and yours truly were 2nd, 8th, and something like 12th in the Men's A. I had a pretty awful race, personally, and got confused by the lap count - thought we had one to go, then wondered why everyone was sitting up. C'est la vie. A good field though - the women had about 15, men must have had 35 or 40. Pictures later if Millertime sends them to me.

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