Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sanjeev's fork and sold the travel frame

Sanjeev, check it out - pictures of your fork. I've been playing with a slightly tweaked version of my thru-axle design (David H got the first one for his tandem) and I really like the look. I cut the blades at an angle, fusion weld a piece of 4130 plate, and miter the 20mm pinch clamps. Cleaner than the old way I was doing it, which left a LOT of space on either side of the axle and made removing it quite a chore.

I also like these Marzocchi QR20 bolt-on (what kind of sense does that make? If it bolts on, it's not a "QR" item, right?) axles. They're reasonably priced, nice and beefy, and not too heavy or complicated. As a matter of fact, they're really simple. I plan to use 'em for all my 20mm forks in the future (well, ok, that's not going to be many forks, but still).

Second item: the travel frame is sold. To some crazy Spaniard who is coming out this summer to race the SSWC. Which is apparently in NAPA, of all places. Weird - will wine coolers be the beverage of choice for Adam Craig this year, rather than PBR?

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