Friday, April 04, 2008

Tim's stem and fork, happy Friday

Just to prove that I haven't been slacking (well, ok, maybe I have) this week I've:
-Done our 2007 taxes.
-Built forks for Tim, Sanford, and Adam.
-Built a stem for Tim.
-Built a frame for team-member Nick.
-Almost finished building a full suspension frame for Fritz, with the exception of the shock mount.
-Gotten part way through Tim's frame.
-Ordered and shipped countless random things.

Of course, I wanted to *finish* Tim's frame, as well as Fritz's, but c'est la vie. Taxes basically ate an entire day, and there's not much I could have done about it.

Took a quick snapshot of Tim's fork/stem for kicks. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Anonymous said...

You are on the ball. I am still working on my 06 taxes.

steve garro said...

ain't it a bitch getting back into the flow after vacation? i still have mexico brain, and i was only gone a week! steve, coconino cycles.