Saturday, April 26, 2008


Taken from the bathtub, Snickers eats his own tail. While nesting on my clothing.

What, you expected the latest 650b info, or a recipe, or something? Pfah. I have better things to do, and besides, I'm apparently only interesting on this blog when I'm buzzed.

Seriously, if you're really jonesing to read about bikes, you can read some more 650b ramblings from Chris. My friend Martin and I just got done doing a design for his 650b 4/5" travel Ventana/WW frame today, so there will probably be more 650b-ness here in the next few weeks.

Get out and enjoy your Sunday, folks. I plan to.

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KW said...

Your blog is always interesting Walt. (Your buzzed blogs invite barroom banter comments. And its impolite to refuse that invitation.)